Berkeley Programming Systems Seminar

The Berkeley Programming Systems Seminar takes place every Thursday at 12:30pm Pacific. To receive weekly Zoom invitations, join the mailing list. If you have any questions about the seminar, please ask Rohan Padhye or Federico Mora.

Summer 2020 Schedule

Date Speaker Affiliation Talk Title (Links point to video recordings)
May 28 Lili Wei Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Taming Fragmentation-Induced Compatibility Issues in Android Applications
June 4 Jubi Taneja University of Utah Improving Compiler Construction Using Formal Methods
June 11 Rachit Nigam Cornell University Predictable Accelerator Design with Time-Sensitive Affine Types
June 18 Victor Nicolet University of Toronto Synthesizing Divide-and-Conquer Algorithms from Naive Sequential Code
June 25 Junwen Yang University of Chicago Managing data constraints in database-backed web applications
July 9 Justin Wong
Jianan Yao
Columbia University CLN2INV: Learning Loop Invariants with Continuous Logic Networks
July 16 Paul He University of Pennsylvania Semantics for Separation Types
July 23 Elizabeth Labrada
Matías Toro
University of Chile Gradual System F
July 30 Shankara Pailoor University of Texas at Austin Automated Policy Synthesis for System Call Sandboxing
August 6 Chenglong Wang University of Washington Visualization By Example: Theory and Practice
August 13 Farnaz Behrang Georgia Institute of Technology Leveraging Existing Software Artifacts to Support Design, Development, and Testing of Mobile Applications
August 20 Grace Dinh University of California, Berkeley Communication-Optimal Tilings for Projective Nested Loops with Arbitrary Bounds